TIGUKASS art- Mai and Ursula Aavasalu

TIGUKASS* -it is two artists- mother and daughter Mai and Ursula Aavasalu. We create gothic- steampunkish ceramics, dolls, draw and can teach it to anyone, who is interested. Tigukass art is a bit cute, a bit dark, sometimes quite playful and not overly serious.

Currently on display

Tigukass is here, if you want to buy or order one of a kind, unique item made by an artist, that no one else in the world has. May it be an art doll, ceramic sculpture, or special made interior element. or maybe personalized wall painting or illustration.

Check out our works

And if there is a nice place somewhere, what feels a need for a small ceramics-,  doll- or drawing exhibition– just let Tigukass know.

mai andd ursula aavasalu tigukass
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