Different ART WORKSHOPS just at the most suitable time and place for you. You can also have a workshop tailored to the nature of the specific event and participants.
Each CRAFT WORKSHOP can be adapted to the age and skills of the participants. Anyone can enjoy a little crafting, and will also have an actual material thing  after that as a reminder of the event.


One magnet per participant.

1 hour. 5 € participant (5-10 participants) 4 € (10-20 participants)

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Relatively fast and easy workshop that does not require any special premises or skills.

Suitable for up to twenty participants. The duration of the workshop is one hour. Also suitable for children.

The content of the workshop is to draw a tiny image or make a miniature collage and fix it on a glass base and then add a magnet.

Finished fridge magnets can be taken home after a short drying.

It is also possible to make a magnet following a theme of a particular event.


One mask per participant.

1.5-2 hours. 15 € participant (5-10 participants) 13 € (10-20 participants)

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Indoor activity that does not require anything special.

Suitable for up to ten participants at a time. It can take an hour and a half to two hours. Also suitable for children.

The content of the work is cutting, painting and decorating a blank plaster mask.

Involves using a hot glue gun.

Finished masks need a short time to dry.

It is also possible to follow a theme of particular event when making a mask.