Different ART WORKSHOPS just at the time and place which is most suitable for you. We can also set up a workshop tailored to the nature of particular event and the participants.
A fun TEAM WORKSHOP is a good solution, if you need to make a team of people practice working together and communicate in a new, more informal way. And each workshop can always be easily adapted to your needs.


1 hour. 15 € participant (5-10 participants) 13 € (10-20 participants)

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Teamwork workshop. Assumes the opportunity to carry out activities outdoors. Suitable for up to twenty participants at a time and can take about an hour. Also suitable for children.

There are two different versions of the workshop. The first part involves paper folding. This can be done either indoors or outdoors. In the second part, folded color bombs are used to bomb a larger target. You can do this either for precision and points, in order for it to have a competitive moment, or just like that- for the fun of it. However, if folding seems overwhelming, syringes can also be used to spray the paint. It is also possible to cover part of the target with a template, which when removed later will reveal a shape or logo that is not covered with paint.

The finished work is relatively large and definitely needs drying. Participants’ clothing can get some color drops on it.